Write What You Know

As a person who uses writing as therapy… I’m going to use this platform to write what I know.

I know about the weird things that happen in my brain, I know my four kids, I know my husband of 12 years (friend of 25+), I know the ins and outs of this tiny house, I know a bit about remodeling and DIY projects, I know a little about indoor plants and simple gardening, I know about miscarriage, traumatic birth, blissful birth, I know about schooling options galore, I know about writing stories, I know about giving up when it’s hard and pushing through when it’s even harder. I know about living with chronic pain and going through physical therapy, I know about eclectic and thrifted decorating, I know about entrepreneurship and trying all the things to help support our family, I know about being married to a first responder, I know about potty training and getting through sleepless nights with littles, I know the struggles of remaining your true self in the deep trenches of mothering, I know about alcohol addiction and sobriety.

I don’t know if that’s what the expert bloggers mean when they say, “Write what you know”, and “Find your niche”… but if what they mean is to write about all the things you know a little bit about… then that’s precisely what I’m going to do.

You in?