Big Family, Small House – How a family of 6 lives in a 3-bedroom, 1200 square foot house

When Jordan and I bought this house in 2016, we had two kiddos, ages 3 and 2. It was a huge step up from our rented two bedroom, one bathroom house with a small yard. Although we lived in downtown Georgetown, we were busting at the seams.

Farewell to our little red house

Jordan’s grandmother read a post of mine on Facebook that I furiously typed as I watched Fixer Upper, about how we’d never be able to afford our own home, and we just better get used to being forever renters. She called me and said she wanted to help us purchase a home. It was such a shockingly generous offer, so we jumped at the chance. The deal was, she’d buy the home, and when we were ready, we’d purchase it from her for no more than what she paid for it.

We were so blessed to get into this house when we did. The house came on the market, Jordan saw it and said, “That’s our house.” We didn’t even look inside before we made an offer on it. It was listed and pending in a matter of hours.

Our first home!

Fast forward seven years. We have been here, renovating, cultivating, and now… busting at the seams again. Our kids are now 11 and 9 and we’ve added two more to the mix. A five year old and two year old. We have three bedrooms and, let’s just say, I have to be extremely creative when it comes to managing the mess and organizing the kids overabundance of STUFF.

Okay, I have a lot of stuff too, but I’ve gotten better about keeping what matters to me and letting go of all the rest. (I’ll post about minimizing soon, and when I do, I’ll link it here.)

My kids on the other hand, love their things. I’m one of those people that really doesn’t place a lot of value on things, but I get it… as a kid you have Christmas and birthdays and doting grandparents. We are lucky enough to live in the same town as both of our entire families… so nobody misses a birthday.

I can’t place my convictions about minimizing on them, so we get creative. (which I’ll go in to more in a later post)

Our current set up is, bunk bed in the girl’s room and a floating bunk bed in the boy’s room. The kids generally like to sleep all in the same room (minus the two-year-old) so they either all end up on the big sectional couch, or they sleep in the girls room. Our five-year-old, for whatever reason, has decided she doesn’t like sleeping on beds and makes a bed on the floor with a sleeping bag stuffed with pillows, and the other two sleep in the bunk beds.

There are certain battles I choose to wave the white flag. The battle of where everyone sleeps is just not one I am willing to fight. I have tried all the things, but time and time again, they end up on the couch in the living room. Hey, if they’re getting a full night’s sleep, I just don’t care.

Typical evening in our home.

I have gotten creative when it comes to their clothes as well. The girls generally have more clothes than the boys (shocker, amiright?) So, their closet is for hanging nice shirts and dresses in. The dresser they share is for PJ’s, pants, shorts, jeans, undies, socks, and casual shirts.

I also have a dresser in my bedroom that NONE of my clothes are in. It’s full of the two-year old’s clothes, and the kids bathing suits. When summer is over, it’s full of their winter hoodies and sweaters, caps, gloves, etc.  My clothes are in plastic bins in the closet.

Now, the greatest challenge lies in where on earth to put everybody’s shoes. Currently, we have a china cabinet we got from Jordan’s mom that I redid, and all their shoes get shoved into individual bins in the bottom cabinets. Do they always get put away? No, of course not. I trip over shoes daily, but the goal is to put them in there.

In their bedrooms, I have toy bins stored on the top shelf of the closet that I only get down if they request them. The girls room is Barbie and stuffed animal central (anyone else HATE stuffed animals??). And the boy’s room is more of a display of cool art and a place for the two-year-old to sleep.

Lately he has been climbing out of the crib up onto the bunk bed, so we have moved his crib away from it. The room is pretty much useless at this point. My oldest tried to set up a little “fort” underneath it where he can play his video games, but it’s rarely used.

I’ll take you on a tour of the kids rooms soon!

Disclaimer: Our house is a real, working house. It is not a magazine-ready home… so, if you’re wanting to see how a real family of six lives in a smallish home… here you go.