The Best Butter Biscuit Recipe

My husband and I were recently watching PBS Create TV and came across the show How She Rolls and I immediately was overcome with hunger.

I decided the next day, I was going to find a biscuit recipe online and make some. I honestly don’t remember where I found the original recipe, but after making it and experimenting with what works, I have changed it multiple times.

Since then, I have made these biscuits countless times, and every time I do, they are gobbled up so fast, I wonder why I didn’t just double the recipe.

My kids are OBSESSED with these biscuits. You can make them super quick after you memorize the recipe and do it every week. I still pull out my little piece of paper with scribbles, crumbs and edits all over it… JUST to make sure I don’t forget anything.

RECIPE: (Scroll to the bottom for a recipe card!)

2 C all-purpose flour (I keep mine in the freezer – the colder the better!)

1 ½ TB baking POWDER

1 tsp salt

1 TB sugar

1 stick of butter (VERY cold or frozen)

1 C half & half

For topping:

½ stick of butter melted

2-3 TB honey or raw sugar


Stop everything and heat up your oven to 450 degrees now. Get everything out and set it on the counter. The cups, bowls, teaspoons/tablespoons, flour, salt, sugar, half and half, butter EVERYTHING!

1.Throw all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix it for the biscuit.

2. Grab your cheese grater and grate the entire stick of cold butter into the dry stuff. (why science makes better biscuits when it’s cold, I have no clue. Thank you, science.) Now, thrust your hands into that bowl and crumble it up until the butter is touching every piece of dryness.

3. Then, pour that half & half that is SUPPOSED to be put into coffee into the bowl of said ingredients and BARELY mix it. You do not want it to be over-mixed or the biscuits will be like your grandma’s butt… FLAT.

4. Flour that countertop that should have been replaced before you moved into your house because now it’s too late and would entirely uproot your life. Grab a rolling pin… the one that’s collecting dust because if you were like me, this is your first time baking anything.

5. Roll the dough out until it’s about 1/4” thick. Fold it like the laundry you should have folded but it’s still on your bed. Roll it out again. Now, stick with me… Fold it one more time. I know, folding is the WORST! And, hear me out… I know it’s a lot… but roll the dough out again. That’s the last time I promise.

6. Now, take a sip of your coffee before it gets cold AGAIN and grab a small mason jar lid, or a circle of some kind. Go through your kids play-dough toys, I’m sure they stole all your cookie cutters.

7. Cut circles all over the slab of dough and put them on whatever baking device/sheet/stone/whathaveyou that’s available.

8. Open the oven that you definitely didn’t forget to preheat and put your little biscuit buddies in.

9. While in the oven, grab another half a stick of butter (or however much you like… I like them BUT.TER.RY.) and melt with a bit of honey or raw sugar to taste. This is for the topping.

10. Take the dough out when it looks like you definitely should have applied sunscreen because now it’ll take weeks to heal. A nice golden brown tone for everyone else, for you a week inside hiding from the sun like Dracula. Place hot biscuits on a serving dish/plate/whatever you have available… not everyone is Martha Stewart… and top with the buttery sweet topping. Eat em while they’re hot. Trust me.

Ok, you’re welcome. I just changed your life.